I moved to Bozeman in 1995 and immediately started a career in the tourism industry. I met my wife to be on the summit of Saddle Peak in the Bridgers and a few years later I proposed to her in a raft on Montana’s Smith River. Today we are the proud parents of two living in our own home on Bozeman’s north side. I’m the president of Bozeman Northeast Neighborhood Association. I’m the owner of a successful short term rental and long term rental on North Montana Ave. just a few blocks from downtown Bozeman.  

I understand the importance of excellent customer service. I’ve guided thousands of guests around the world and hosted over a thousand guests at our rentals. I know how to get your property online and operating as a safe legal rental and then manage the property, its guests, and your objectives. I look forward to the opportunity to get to know more about you, your property, and your goals for the rental. I hope that we have the opportunity to include your property in our relatively small boutique portfolio of unique high-quality rental properties in the Bozeman area. – Reno Walsh, Bozeman Montana Vacation Rentals Owner/Operator

Soon this site will be different. It will be better! 

The site will feature a small portfolio of boutique vacation rentals in the Bozeman, Montana area. 

Visitors will be able to book their stay directly via this site. They will also be able to purchase insurance for their stay via this site. 

But, these things take time. And, for now, this site features a property that we have owned and operated for years,  the Cabin On Montana. 

The Cabin On Montana offers guests visiting the Bozeman area a three-bedroom two-bath fully-renovated log-cabin vacation rental seven blocks north of downtown Bozeman, Montana. 

You might be planning a visit to Montana to see family and friends, to ski or snowboard, to explore the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, to hit the trails on mountain bike or foot, to float the rivers, to hunt for trout, to catch a game or show, or to get to know Bozeman’s local craft beer & food scene. You might even be considering the real estate market in southwest Montana. Whatever the reason, while you are here, the Cabin On Montana is a great place to call home and we can help with your real estate interests too!

Click here to learn more about the cabin and book your stay.

Contact us to learn more about the cabin, real estate or property management at renowalsh@gmail.com

Click here for directions to the cabin at 721 N. Montana Ave. Bozeman, MT 59715

Cabin On Montana

The Cabin On Montana offers guests visiting Yellowstone, Bridger Bowl, Big Sky and beyond a three-bedroom two-bath vacation rental in downtown Bozeman, Montana.

There is plenty of parking and very little traffic at the end of Bozeman’s quiet and eclectic North Montana Avenue. The Cabin has a nice side yard to the south and it sits on a large corner lot. Walking distance to downtown, several parks, the library, a few great breweries, delicious dining options, a couple of coffee shops and the free bus to Bridger Bowl, the Cabin is well situated.


It is also well-appointed with all new high-efficiency appliances including a washer and electric steam dryer, refrigerator with ice-maker, garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave, gas range, range hood and vacuum. The kitchen is fully stocked with kitchenware and service ware for eight or more. There is a small growler collection for you to use to fill up at the local breweries. Windows feature partial light top-down bottom-up blinds in the kitchen and living spaces and full dark-down bottom-up blinds in the sleeping rooms and office.

The cabin offers new queen size beds in each of the three bedrooms. Each bedroom has a chair, closet, nightstand(s), lamp(s), alarm clock, luggage stands, coat hangers and dresser. The master bedroom also offers an iron and ironing board.

The living room area offers a comfortable sectional couch and coffee table. The living room features a 40″ Smart TV with Cable and a HD DVD/CD player. The Hi-Fi Yamaha Stereo System offers bluetooth connection. The Cabin On Montana also offers a small collection of old warpy vinyl and a phonograph for your listening pleasure.

The dining room table can seat four with comfortable chairs or you can add a leaf and use extra chairs to seat up to eight or more.

The entire cabin has lots of windows which allow for a lot of light and nice views of mature trees and flowers in the cabin’s yard and the Bridger Mountain Range to the north. The neighbors to the south are two city lots and a fence away and they have no windows that they can look out of facing the cabin to the north.

The study offers an ethernet port, small desk, chair, space for gear and a map table. This is a great room for storing your skis and packs in, hanging your waders in, tying flies, studying maps or for sitting down at the desk with your laptop to plan your next adventure in.

Master Shower

There are two full baths in the cabin. Each features high efficiency Moen fixtures, water saving Kohler toilets and Kohler sinks. The upstairs bath has a new Kohler tub with shower and the downstairs master bath features a spacious two-person shower. Each bathroom is adorned with white subway tile, great lighting, separate heaters, vents, mirrors. In addition, the lower bath offers a well lit vanity with seating, first-aid kit and blow dryer.

Their are two WiFi channels (5Ghz, 2 Ghz) throughout the cabin, the front porch and the yards. The cabin features a new high efficiency forced air furnace and high efficiency fifty-gallon electric water heater. It is thoroughly insulated and features new high-efficiency windows and doors. All of the lights are efficient LED and most are dimmable.

The Cabin On Montana’s covered front porch offers views of the Bridger Range, privacy blinds, a yellow porch swing and park bench. The front of the cabin faces east and this makes the porch a nice place to sit in the morning as the sun rises before heading out for the next adventure!


  • Check-in is at or after 3:00 PM
  • Enter personalized code and turn deadbolt. If it is dark, you can illuminate buttons by first pressing Schlage
  • Press Schlage and turn the deadbolt to lock


  • Check-out is at or before 11:00
  • Please place dirty towels in the clothes washer and start the washer
  • You can leave the sheets on the beds if you like
  • Please wash your dishes. Dishes can be left to dry on the counter or in the washer. Use dishwasher detergent cubes in dishwasher and not dish soap
  • Please take trash and recycling to the bins.
  • Please turn off all lights and lock the door on your way out


  • Park on Montana Ave. or Aspen Street. Do not park in drive next to License Plate Exhibit


  • The password for each Cabin On Montana Network is: (we’ll let you know via a text prior to your arrival)

Audio  Visual

  • TV
    • Turn on the cable via the remote labeled ‘cable’
    • Turn on the TV via the remote labeled ’tv’
    • Turn on the stereo via the remote labeled ‘stereo’
    • Optionally click on the smart hub on the TV Remote to stream movies via your own Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or other accounts
  • Bluetooth
    • You can connect your wireless bluetooth devices to the stereo via bluetooth
    • Press ‘Bluetooth’ on the stereo or stereo remote to assign it is the input source
    • Then hold down ‘Memory’ for more than three seconds
    • Turn on the bluetooth function on your device and select: HTR-3068 Yamaha
    • ‘Connected’ will appear on the stereo display when you are
    • Once you have connected once, you will not need to hold down Memory to connect again
    • Only one bluetooth device can be connected to the stereo at a time. If you cannot connect, make sure there are no other devices connected.
  • Phonograph
    • Input for the phonograph on the stereo is: AV2
    • Put the record on the player and push start
  • FM Radio
    • Input for FM Radio is: Tuner
    • We recommend KGLT at 91.9 and NPR at 102.1. Most local stations are preset.
  • DVD/CD
    • Input for the DVD player on the stereo is: DVD
    • Press DVD on the Yamaha Remote. The TV should display the DVD Player automatically 
    • DVD Player has its own remote
    • Non-Blue-Ray DVD’s and CD’s can be played in the DVD player
  • Please remember to turn off all audio and visual devices when they are no longer being used


  • There are smoke detectors in every room and one carbon monoxide detector per floor.
    • Please use range hood when cooking on the range. The lowest fan setting is usually adequate.
  • There is a first aid kit in the downstairs bath vanity.
  • There is one fire extinguisher at the top of the stairs and a second at the bottom.
  • All sheets and towels are washed in hypoallergenic detergents
  • All provided soaps, shampoos and conditioners are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.


  • You are welcome to use the laundry facilities. Detergent and dryer sheets are available.
  • All bath, laundry and cleaning products are organic, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.


  • Cabin On Montana Bicyclists ride at their own risk. The owners of the Cabin On Montana are not responsible for any accident or injury that may occur while riding.
  • Please wear the helmets that are provided.
  • Please lock bikes at all times. The combo is: **** These are the last four digits of Reno’s phone number.
  • Bike pump is in one of the panniers and there is one on the porch


  • The Grill On Montana is in the back. You may need to turn the propane on before you use it.
  • The tank should be full but if you do run out, there is an extra tank under the grill.


  • There is a safe in the Master Bedroom closet. The code for the safe is (we will let you know via a text prior to arrival)

For The Birds

  • There is birdseed on the front porch for the yellow bird feeder. You do not need to feed the birds but can if you like.


  • In an effort to conserve water we do not water, much. We do water from time to time in late summer. Feel free to use the water and hoses.

Let It Snow

  • We will clear the main walks within 12 hours of any snowfall.
  • Because we want to respect your privacy, we will not clear the porches or steps unless you ask us to.


  • The cabin is insulated very well. We have found that setting the thermostat at 65 assures that the upstairs is comfortable and that the downstairs doesn’t get too warm.
  • If it is cold outside, you can close the shades to insulate the cabin even more. If you close the upstairs blinds before bed this will also help the cabin heat more evenly.
  • Of course, you can set the thermostat at any temperature you like and you do not have to close the blinds.


  • Turn the faucet up and out for hot and down and out for cold.
  • Use the range hood if you are cooking anything on the gas range. The fire alarms are sensitive.
  • Use dishwasher detergent cubes and not dish soap in the dishwasher

Garbage and Recycling

  • There are two bins in the kitchen drawer next to the fridge. One is for garbage and the other is for recycling. Extra garbage bags are under the sink.
  • Garbage and recycling bins in the alley to the west of the cabin next to the License Plate Exhibit
  • Garbage is picked up every Wednesday. Recycling is picked-up every other Wednesday.


  • Please keep pets off of the furniture.
  • Please pick up after pets in the house, the yard, and around town. Poop bags are under the sink.
  • Please do not leave your dog unattended in the Cabin unless it is in a crate.


  • There is a hairdryer in the master bath vanity.
  • There is an iron and board in the master bedroom closet.
  • Please don’t flush anything but human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Thank you.
  • The door to the utility room is located in the lower south bedroom. It is locked and there is really no reason for anyone to go in there. But if you would like to see what a brand new high-efficiency furnace and electric water heater looks like, the key is hanging on the coat rack near the front door.
  • That same key locks and unlocks the map room and closet below the stairs which are both open in case you are looking for some privacy. We recommend the map room over the closet under the stairs.
  • There is a high chair and pack-n-play in the closet under the stairs.
  • There is an extra leaf for the dining table under the stairs.
  • The windows on the house to the south are too high for anyone to look out of. This means no one can look into the upstairs bathroom or any of the windows on the south side of the house.


  • Feel free to take a growler or two to fill at one of our local craft breweries.logo
    • The Bozeman Brewing Company is a three minute drive away, a quick ride or short walk away. This is a great place to go after a day on the mountain or the river. The patrons are local. The owners and employees are friends. The beer is outstanding. @BozemanBrewing Facebook
    • Bridger Brewing is across town on campus and also one of our favorites. The pizza at Bridger Brewing is excellent.
    • MAP brewing is a five minute drive away and a great place to have a beer.
  • The dive bars are The Filler, The Eagles, The Crystal, and The Hauf. Each often feature live music. The Hauf has live music nightly.
  • Plonk and the Open Range feature outstanding mixed drinks, wine and beer imports.
  • The Taproom and the Shine Beer Sanctuary have excellent beer menus.


  • Bridger Brewing1421810785.png is across town on campus and also one of our favorites. The pizza at Bridger Brewing is excellent. Their beers and pizzas are gluten free. If you need groceries, Town & Country is downstairs. It’s a great opportunity to shop, drink and eat all in the same place.
  • Downtown is a short seven-block walk away and there you will find many places to eat and drink.
    • Ale Works is a great choice for food, beverage and good service. It can be busy. Always get on ‘the list’ but also always hunt for non-reserved seating around the bar right away.
    • The Co-Op downtown offers really good buffets and an excellent salad bar.
    • Fine dining options include
      • cafe_Fresco.pngCafé Fresco is Bozeman’s best traditional Italian and our friend Bill the owner is one hell of a guy. Please let him know Reno & Heather sent you.
      • The Blackbird Kitchen offers outstanding food and service. Say hello to Jane and Ellen!
      • Open Range features an excellent menu and serves some of the best meat cuts in the Gallatin Valley. They offer fine dinning or a more casual experience at the bar along with a very good wine selection and the best mixed drinks on Main Street.  Say hello to Peter. 
    • If you like Sushi you will like Dave’s Sushi. The Montana Fish Company on Main offers excellent sushi.
  • We recommend the Nova Cafe for breakfast but there will be a line. The Western Cafe is interesting. Main Street Over Easy is also good.


  • We recommend the locally owned Town & Country for groceries. They have two locations. We prefer the Campus Location but mainly because it is in the same building as Bridger Brewing. Town & Country carries local and organic foods.
  • The most expensive place to shop in Bozeman is the Co-Op at 908 W Main St. but if you want healthy, local foods, this is a great option. They have excellent fish and meats as well. The Co-Op also has a downtown location with limited groceries.

Coffee & Pastries

  • Wild Crumb offers amazing pastries and drip coffee. They are locally owned and located at 600 N. Wallace, walking distance. 406-579-3454
  • Treeline Coffee is just a couple doors down from Wild Crumb, and the beans they roast, along with their coffee sourcing, create some amazing brews!
  • The Daily Coffee Bar & Bakery is a good coffee shop only a few blocks north on Rouse. They are located at 1203 N Rouse Ave #3A, Bozeman, MT This is a great stop on your way to and coming back from the Bridgers.
  • Zocalo is an outstanding downtown coffee shop at 117 E Main St, Bozeman, MT


  • rialto-logoThe Rialto is an amazing downtown theater that offers great shows often. We highly recommend you spend some time here. https://www.rialtobozeman.com/
  • Cactus Records is the “weirdo store” downtown. Lots of great vinyl, shirts, cards and other random paraphernalia. Check out their site for a listing of shows in the area. Stop in and peruse. https://cactusrecords.net/
  • KGLT is our community ran locally funded non-profit volunteer kick-ass radio station. Stream it on the web at http://kglt.net/index.php/programming/streaming-audio, Stream it from http://tunein.com/, dial it in at 91.9 or 97.1, give them a call and request a song at 406.994.4492
  • Check to see if anyone is playing at Live From the Divide http://www.livefromthedivide.com/  The venue is a few blocks away at 627 EAST PEACH STREET – BOZEMAN, MT. Bring a growler and enjoy the show.
  • The Filler can have some great shows. The Hauf is also a great place to catch some local flavor.
  • Check out The Bozone to see what is happening at http://bozone.com/

Bridger Bowl

  • header-logoGetting there:  The weekend bus will depart from the Fairgrounds (Oak Street Entrance) at 8:15am, 9:15am, 10:15am, 11:15am, 12:15pm & 1:15pm. Check the Bridger Bowl site for weekday schedules.
  • Getting back: The bus will return from Bridger Bowl, departing at 8:45am, 9:45am, 10:45am, 11:45am, 12:45am, 1:45pm, 3:15pm, 4:15pm & 4:45pm. A Kids’ Bus Run is also offered Saturdays and Sundays, as well as every school holiday during ski season.
    • You can walk to the bus from the cabin. Go west on Aspen. Turn right on Bozeman. Cross Tamarack and walk north across the parking lot. Then walk to the left or west of the baseball diamond and you will see the signs for the Bridger Bowl Bus. This walk will take five minutes.
  • We are not recommending hitch hiking but if choose to do so, walk east one-block to Rouse, cross the street, hang a thumb and start walking north. You will probably have a ride to Bridger before you get to the light on Tamarack.
  • If it is a powder day and it is Saturday you should plan on leaving for Bridger no later than 8AM if you are driving otherwise take the early bus or hitch. The parking lot can fill up on Saturday Powder Days and sometimes on
  • Snow Report: https://bridgerbowl.com/weather/snow-report
  • Bridger Bowl Snow Phone: (406) 586-2389
  • It is always a good idea to check the avalanche conditions in the area. You can do so at http://www.mtavalanche.com/ and you can call to listen to the daily advisory at: 406-587-6981

Powder Skiing & Snowboarding

  • bpg-logo-smallBeartooth Powder Guides offer epic powder skiing, hut trips, and education based out of Cooke City, MT, next to the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone Park, as well as the Gallatin and Shoshone National Forests. This is one of the most unique outdoor experiences in all of the United States. The Woody Creek Cabin and Mt Zimmer Yurt provide access to backcountry skiing, hiking and wildlife viewing in the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains. Contact Ben or Clark at info@beartoothpowder.com or give them a call at 406.838.2097 (office) 406.539.1478 (cell)

Rivers & Rafting

  • Montana Whitewater offers Half-Day and Full-Day Raft and Zip line trips from May thru mid October. High Water season is in June and the water level drops as the summer passes. Throughout the spring and summer, they have raft trips suitable for families and first-timers near Yellowstone National Park. Give them a call at 406-763-4465
  • Relax and float the warm waters of the Madison River under the big sky of Montana! River tubing and raft trips, with shuttles from Bozeman and Four Corners to the lower Madison River, are family friendly and hassle free. Tubing Trips Depart Daily! Madison River Tubing also offers a full rental and retail shop across the street from Bozeman High School on Main Street. Call them at 406 209 8384 and check them out at Madison River Tubing

Fly Fishing

  • logoTroutfitters is our go to fly shop. Check out their site for up to date fishing reports and stop in for a good selection of flies, gear, fly tying materials and tips.
  • Montana Whitewater offers packages for every level of experience. They provide all the gear you need and have access on three rivers in the area. Give them a call at 406-763-4465. Tight Lines!

Things to do around town

  • Zipline
    • Experience an authentic GUIDED AERIAL ZIP LINE ADVENTURE featuring Montana’s scenic landscapes, with up to 6000 feet of Zip Lines, Rope Bridges, and Challenge Elements. Yellowstone ZipLine & Canopy Tours offers tours at two spectacular locations. Gardiner Montana tours, at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, will have you SOARING THROUGH A HISTORIC MOUNTAIN RANCH and the Gallatin Canyon location, between Bozeman and Big Sky, will take you FLYING ACROSS THE BEAUTIFUL GALLATIN RIVER. Give these guys a call at 888 564 4465.
  • Ice Skating
    • Year round ice skating is available at the ice area only two blocks from the Cabin. Check the schedule to see when public skating is available http://www.bozemanhockey.org/page/show/235310-schedule
    • In the winter there are many outdoor rinks to choose from in Bozeman including a rink at Beal Park just a few blocks away or a covered rink at Bogart about 10 blocks away on the other side of Main off of Church.
  • The 60 acre Storymill Park is one mile to the north on Rouse. It is excellent for walks and has an exceptional playground. You can drive there on Rouse or you can walk or bike there. If walking or biking, go north on rouse, take a right on Tamarak, take a left on L Street, take a left on the trail after crossing the railroad tracks. 
  • Year round ice skating is available at the ice area only two blocks from the Cabin. Check the schedule to see when public skating is available http://www.bozemanhockey.org/page/show/235310-schedule In the winter there are many outdoor rinks to choose from in Bozeman including a rink at Beal Park just a few blocks away or a covered rink at Bogart about 10 blocks away on the other side of Main off of Church.
  • The Baseball Diamond is a few blocks to the north in the Fairgrounds and it is a lot of fun to sit and watch a game. http://www.bozemanbaseball.com/ 

The Arts

  • Ryan Turner Photography www.ryanturnerphotography.com
    • Montana adventure photographer and long-time family friend, Ryan Turner, shoots stunning skiing, hiking, and fly-fishing action shots while capturing the landscape, lifestyle and the unexpected along the way. Ryan’s image of the Gallatin River hangs in the living space at the Cabin On Montana. You can visit Ryan and his gallery in Big Sky at the Bighorn Shopping Center near the junction of Montana Highways 191 and 64 in Big Sky, MT.
      • Hours: Monday – Friday 10-3 & by appointment
      • Saturday & Sunday – Call Ahead- 406-995-3436
      • By appointment – 406-580-5130 or 406-580-5997


  • Uber
  • Greater Valley Taxi: (406) 587-6303
  • VEXI 406-633-1685
  • There is bus information in the guide book at the cabin. There are several bus stops within blocks of the Cabin.

Some other things to do around town

  • The Library is outstanding
  • Pete’s Hill
  • Museum of the Rockies
  • The Rialto
  • The Fish Pond 
  • The Ellen Theater
  • The Emerson Theater & Stores
  • Verge Theatre
  • Cactus Records
  • Vargos Book Store

Local trails

  • Link to trails around town
  • Sypes
  • Stone
  • Middle Cottonwood
  • Sourdough
  • Hyalite
  • South Cottonwood
  • The M
  • Drinking Horse
  • Gallatin Recreation Area
  • Story Hills
  • The Galligator
  • Pete’s Hill
  • Trails behind the hospital
  • Bear Canyon


  • Yellowstone
  • Madison
  • Gallatin
  • East Gallatin
  • Jefferson
  • Bridger Creek
  • Rocky Creek
  • Sourdough Creek

Mountain Biking

  • Stone
  • Bangtail Divide
  • Johnson
  • Corbly
  • Trails behind the hospital
  • Bear Canyon
  • Grassy
  • Big Sky
  • Leverich
  • Copper City Trails

Red Lodge, Montana

Discounts for YodelingIf you plan on driving through Red Lodge, Montana and you are wondering where you should stay the choice is clear. The Yodeler Motel awaits! http://www.yodelermotel.com/ Give Mac and Tulsa a call at 406-446-1435 or shoot them an email at reservations@yodelermotel.com and let them know we say hello!


721 N. Montana Ave. Bozeman, MT 59715

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