721.5 n montana ave

The cabin is approximately 500 square feet. Most guests sleep in the loft. We will be adding a pocket door to the bath, a railing for the loft, keyless entry, and a small steep ladder/stairway to the loft at the end of May 2021.

Guests can park on the street or in the drive. They have access to some storage in the License Plate Garage. They also have access to the canoe and a fire pit and some wood. There is a BBQ Grill. There is also some space for outside storage behind the garage.

The cabin features a newer washer and dryer. The electric range and stove work surprisingly well. The cabin is heated by a small gas fireplace. It does the job and some. The water heater was replaced in 2020.

The cabin includes excellent and private WiFi provided by Spectrum. It also includes, water, sewer, garbage, and recycling. Guests pay for the electric and gas from Northwest Energy. The owner mows and manages snow removal.

The cabin will include the custom fit memory foam mattress in the loft. It can also include a dresser, coffee table, chair, small kitchen type table, some kitchen utensils and kitchen ware, and maybe a cool couch.

One dog or one cat is welcome. The cat door is removable.

No smoking allowed indoors or outside.

Small events, having friends over, is fine but we do have to honor quiet hours after 9:00 PM and always respect the neighbors, including the owners, and the guests at the Cabin On Montana short term rental. We have never had any issues with this in the past. It would be cool if we could maintain that tradition.

The cabin to the east of this cabin is a short-term rental. There are guests there around 60% of the time. There has never been an issue with the guests at that cabin and the guests at this cabin.

The owners live to the west at 724 N. Bozeman. They share the License Plate Garage with the guests. They also store some items behind that garage and may be in and around the cabin working on the lawn, bird watching, or hiding from their kids.

Guests should know the cabin is across the street from the city shop and only a few blocks from a rail road crossing on Rouse. For the most part, having the shop across the street is a good thing. On occasion, there is some noise that comes from the shop but for the most part, they are excellent neighbors that guests hardly notice. Guests will notice the train horns.

The rent will be $1250/month starting around June 1. The owners will ask for a lease to be signed and will check references. The fully refundable deposit is $500.

Email renowalsh@gmail.com or call 406-580-5919 with questions. Note: the camper in the images below is the current guest’s and will not be there past June 1.