Bozeman Montana License Plate Exhibit

After that first plate was ‘hung-up’, friends and family from around the world started to share their own plates and the memories that come with them.

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The Bozeman Montana License Plate Exhibit, June 2017

The Bozeman Montana License Plate Exhibit is about fifty feet to the west of the Cabin On Montana at the north end of the North 700 Block Alley between Bozeman and Montana Avenues. The plates are mounted onto a small garage. It is not uncommon to see people stopping to take images of the collection.

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Harper is featured in many of the individual plate images. Here she is thinking of Lula and Otis, two dogs from Seattle who, along with their owners, donated three plates.  (Harper 2006 – 2018)

Guests at the cabin are encouraged to post an image of themselves in front of the exhibit on the Cabin On Montana Facebook page.

Plate donations are welcome. We encourage those that do donate to write their name on the back and to take an image of the contribution with their dog or someone else’s dog although this is not necessary. Click here to see images of many of the plates that are currently part of the exhibit along with a few dogs.

Plates can be dropped off at the exhibit itself or mailed. The exhibition will reimburse contributors for their shipping costs with craft beer. Plates can be shipped to the Cabin On Montana, 721 N. Montana Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715.

Whether you live in beautiful Bozeman, Montana or you are just visiting, the Bozeman Montana License Plate Exhibit is worth a look.


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