The Walshes and the Cabin On Montana

My wife and I have lived in Bozeman, Montana for over twenty-two years. My wife is from Montana and I am from the midwest originally. We both moved to Bozeman to play in the mountains and make a life for ourselves in a place we want to live to rest of our lives.

We are outdoor enthusiasts. We ski and snowboard as much as we can in the winter and mountain bike, trail run, fly fish, raft, canoe and garden as much as we can in the summer.

We live next door to the Cabin On Montana just across the alley to the west. We both work full time here in Bozeman. I work from home which allows me some flexibility to meet with our guests and to offer my assistance when needed.

We are proud parents and active community members. We look forward to meeting you at the Cabin On Montana and hop to have a chance to share our enthusiasm for the place we call home with you.

Three years ago an old man came over to borrow a drill. When he brought it back, I offered him a glass of lemonade and we sat on an old Bridger Lift Chair on our deck and started to talk. After some time passed the man said, “I’m getting older and don’t want to have to take care of that place next door any longer. You and your wife should buy it.” I assured him we could not afford it. He insisted. My wife and I then scraped together all of our savings and made him an offer and suggested a contract for deed. He and his wife accepted.

My wife and I had our first child shortly after that. Then my parents started to visit more often. They were staying in vacation rentals because our home is too small. That is when we decided to see if we could get a permit to operate a vacation rental and a loan to renovate the cabin so that my parents could stay in whenever they wanted to visit and we could rent it out otherwise to help us cover the significant costs of owning a home in Bozeman. We got the permit. We got the loan. We renovated. My parents are staying there when they visit. Now we just need you to come and stay at the Cabin On Montana.

The Cabin On Montana is the sixth permitted vacation rental in Bozeman’s downtown R2 zoning district. We presented our case to the city commission explaining why the property would be a great representation of Bozeman and assured them that we could jump through their hoops. The city required us to pay a significant fee to obtain a permit. They required us to write a narrative, to speak to the commission multiple times, to bring the cabin up to code, have the cabin inspected by the fire department, the health department, the engineering department and the planning department. They required a sign. They required insurance and a business license. We asked our thee approval of the property owners that live in the vicinity and everyone agreed that the cabin adds value and appeal to the neighborhood and encouraged us to move forward. Then we obtained a business license and called our business a Cabin On Montana. In the end, the cabin is permitted, it is insured, it is up to code, the neighbors are welcoming and it’s a pretty nice place to stay.


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